How to gain more followers in Instagram and Twitter
Today, there are millions of people can use the internet on a daily basis in all around the globe for different purposes. It allows any business to attract and interacts more potential consumers in online. Basically, there are similar marketing guidelines available for business that can use to impress more visitors to their domain. However, the internet is one of the biggest platforms to make more numbers of followers in order to grow your business or career.

Get more followers on Instagram:
Instagram is actually the best focal point for the business brands which are all looking to use the social media platform for regularly connecting with the existing and potential customers. The following are the essential tips to grow more followers on your instagram page.

Making a clear instagram strategy – Use of the instagram page for your business marketing is really very helpful to get what you want. So, it is crucial to effectively create the clear instagram strategy to attract more numbers of new followers online. You have to research on the strategies of your competitors and create a unique and best type of strategy for your instagram page.

Making your instagram account too visible – Whenever you are struggling to get more numbers of new followers, it is simple to increase a number of ways which your potential followers can find your account on the instagram network. The instagram users can announce your instagram account details to your followers on the twitter, facebook or any other social media platforms. Providing dedicated link to your instagram account in your email signature, on your website and also in the newsletters are the best and simple ways to increase more followers.

Conduct campaigns and contests- The instagram users can able to get extensive numbers of new followers through campaigns and contests. Running more contests on your instagram page will be really helpful to grow your audience and get more traffic to your official website. In order to enter your contest, ask persons to either follow you, comment and like one or more of your videos or images, use the particular hashtag or repost anyone of your images.

Increase followers on Twitter:
Like instagram, twitter is also the popular and powerful social media platform to progress your business growth to get more popularity and online presence.

Upload a unique photo – The profile photo is an image of yourself on the twitter. The people first see your profile photo and then want to know about you if it is interesting. Whenever you are maintaining a twitter account for branding, uploading your brand or business related interesting profile photo is really a good way to increase more followers.

Creating an exclusive header image – It is essential to add an amazing header image to make your twitter page and profile stand out on the network. By this way, you can get more popularity and grow more followers online.

Write an attractive or engaging bio – When you have written and posted an attractive bio on your twitter social media platform, it is really a great opportunity to tell followers what you are about and what you do. By this way, the visitors can understand why they must follow you on twitter.